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Address: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
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Office: Room 4.23 (Building E1.7, Saarbrücken Campus, visitor information)

Joachim Weickert is professor of mathematics and computer science at Saarland University where he heads the Mathematical Image Analysis Group since 2001. He received a diploma and a Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the University of Kaiserslautern (1991, 1996), and a habilitation degree in computer science from the University of Mannheim (2001). He worked as research assistant at the University of Kaiserslautern, as post-doctoral researcher at the universities of Utrecht and Copenhagen, and as assistant professor at the University of Mannheim.

Joachim Weickert performs research in image processing, computer vision and scientific computing, focussing on techniques based on partial differential equations, variational principles, wavelets, morphological and nonlocal methods. He has developed mathematical models and efficient numerical algorithms for image restoration, enhancement, segmentation, compression, optic flow computation, stereo reconstruction, shape from shading, as well as signal processing methods for tensor fields. These ideas have entered a number of applications in industry, biomedical image analysis and other fields.

The scientific work of Joachim Weickert covers more than 310 refereed publications. They have led to over 25000 citations and an h-index of 70. Joachim Weickert is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. He has been serving in the editorial boards of ten international journals and book series, and he has been reviewer for more than 70 journals and 20 funding organisations. He has given over 190 invited talks at conferences, workshops and other universities, and was area chair of six ECCV or ICCV conferences. Joachim Weickert has received 32 research, teaching and reviewing awards, including a Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize which belongs to the highest German research awards. In 2017 he has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. He is elected member of the Academia Europaea - The Academy of Europe.

At Saarland University, Joachim Weickert is initiator and head of a Master Programme in Visual Computing, which is the first of its kind in Germany and uses English as language of instruction. He has supervised more than 250 bachelor or master theses. Joachim Weickert has established many interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from medicine, bioinformatics, pharmacy, physics, mechatronics, and mechanical engineering. He is Principal Investigator for Visual Computing within the Multimodal Computing and Interaction Cluster of Excellence, and he serves in the Steering Committee of the Intel Visual Computing Institute. From 2008 to 2010, he was dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

More Details on Recent or Forthcoming Activities:

Two Innovative Study Programmes

Visual Computing (English master programme)

Mathematics and Computer Science (integrated degree programme)


Image Processing and Computer Vision

Proseminar Spieltheorie

Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Information for Prospective Students

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Editorial Boards
  1. Computational Imaging and Vision (2016-present)
  2. Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis (2002-2014)
  3. Foundations and Trends in Computer Graphics and Vision (2003-present)
  4. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2005-2009)
  5. International Journal of Computer Vision (2003-present)
  6. Inverse Problems and Imaging (2006-present)
  7. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision (2007-present, since 2011 as Editor-in-Chief)
  8. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (2009-present)
  9. Logic Journal of the IGPL (2008-present)
  10. SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (2014-present)
Ten Selected Publications
  1. J. Weickert:
    Anisotropic Diffusion in Image Processing.
    Teubner, Stuttgart, 1998.
    Cited more than 2900 times.
    More information and free download.
  2. J. Weickert, B.M. ter Haar Romeny, M.A. Viergever:
    Efficient and reliable schemes for nonlinear diffusion filtering.
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 7, No. 3, 398-410, March 1998.
    Cited more than 1300 times.
  3. T. Brox, A. Bruhn, N. Papenberg, J. Weickert:
    High accuracy optical flow estimation based on a theory for warping.
    In T. Pajdla, J. Matas (Eds.): Computer Vision - ECCV 2004. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3024, Springer, Berlin, 25-36, 2004.
    Awarded the 2004 ECCV Longuet-Higgins Prize and the 2014 Jan Koenderink Prize for Fundamental Contributions in Computer Vision.
    Cited more than 2400 times.
  4. G. Steidl, J. Weickert, T. Brox, P. Mrázek, M. Welk:
    On the equivalence of soft wavelet shrinkage, total variation diffusion, total variation regularization, and SIDEs.
    SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, Vol. 42, No. 2, 686-713, 2004.
    Shortened version of Technical Report No. 94, Dept. of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, August 2003.
  5. A. Bruhn, J. Weickert, T. Kohlberger, C. Schnörr:
    A multigrid platform for real-time motion computation with discontinuity-preserving variational methods.
    International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol. 70, No. 3, 257-277, December 2006.
  6. I. Galić, J. Weickert, M. Welk, A. Bruhn, A. Belyaev, H.-P. Seidel:
    Image compression with anisotropic diffusion.
    Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Vol. 31, 255–269, 2008. Invited Paper.
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    Revised version of Technical Report No. 205, Department of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2008.
  8. C. Schmaltz, P. Gwosdek, A. Bruhn, J. Weickert:
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    Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 29, No. 8, 2313-2327, December 2010.
    Revised version of Technical Report No. 260, Department of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, February 2010.
    See also: Supplementary Material Webpage.
  9. C. Schmaltz, P. Peter, M. Mainberger, F. Ebel, J. Weickert, A. Bruhn:
    Understanding, optimising, and extending data compression with anisotropic diffusion.
    International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol. 108, No. 3, 222-240, July 2014.
    Revised version of Technical Report No. 329, Department of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, March 2013.
  10. J. Weickert, S. Grewenig, C. Schroers, A. Bruhn:
    Cyclic schemes for PDE-based image analysis.
    International Journal of Computer Vision, Vol. 118, No. 3, 275-299, July 2016.
    Also available as Technical Report No. 327 (revised), Department of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, April 2015.

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