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Christopher Schroers

Former Ph.D. Student

Position:    Former Ph.D. Student

  • 3D Reconstruction

    Journal Papers

  • C. Schroers, S. Setzer, J. Weickert:
    A Variational Taxonomy for Surface Reconstruction from Oriented Points
    In Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS Symposium on Geometry Processing), Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 195-204
    Revised version of Technical Report No. 349, Department of Mathematics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, June 2014.

    Conference Papers

  • C. Schroers, D. Hafner, J. Weickert:
    Multiview Depth Parameterisation with Second Order Regularisation.
    To appear in J.-F. Aujol, M. Nikolova, N. Papadakis (Eds.): Scale-Space and Variational Methods in Computer Vision. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin, 2015.

  • O. Wang, C. Schroers, H. Zimmer, M.Gross, A. Sorkine-Hornung:
    VideoSnapping: Interactive Synchronization of Multiple Videos
    ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. of SIGGRAPH), 2014

  • T. Schneevoigt, C. Schroers, and J. Weickert:
    A Dense Pipeline for 3D Reconstruction from Image Sequences
    In X. Jiang, J. Hornegger, R. Koch (Eds.): Pattern Recognition. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8753, 629-640, Springer, Berlin, 2014.

  • N. Persch, C. Schroers, S. Setzer, and J. Weickert:
    Introducing more Physics into Variational Depth-from-Defocus
    In X. Jiang, J. Hornegger, R. Koch (Eds): Pattern Recognition. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8753, 15-27, Springer, Berlin, 2014.

  • C. Schroers, H. Zimmer, L. Valgaerts, A. Bruhn, O. Demetz, J. Weickert:
    Anisotropic Range Image Integration
    A. Pinz, T. Pock, H. Bischof, F. Leberl (Eds.): Pattern Recognition. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 7476, 73-82, Springer, Berlin, 2012.
    Awarded a DAGM-OAGM 2012 Paper Prize.

  • V. Kramarev, O. Demetz, C. Schroers, J. Weickert:
    Cross Anisotropic Cost Volume Filtering for Segmentation
    In K. M. Lee, Y. Matsushita, J. M. Rehg, Z. Hu (Eds.): Computer Vision - ACCV 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 7724, 803-814. Springer, Berlin, 2013.


  • C. Schroers
    Variational Range Image Integration
    Master's Thesis in Visual Computing, Dept. of Computer Science,
    Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany, September 2011.

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