Multigrid Methods

Multigrid methods are well-known to be among the fastest and most accurate numerical schemes for the solution of linear and nonlinear system of equations. By creating a sophisticated coarse-to-fine hierarchy starting from the original equation system they offer much better error reduction properties than frequently used non-hierarchical solvers. Thus, very accurate results are already obtained within a few iterations.

In [1] [2] we have developed multigrid schemes for the purpose of real-time optic flow estimation. As a result up to 42 dense flow fields of size 200 x 200 could be computed on a standard desktop PC within a single second. Compared to the frequently used Gauss-Seidel method this equals an acceleration of two to three orders of magnitude. Similar speedups can also be obtained for discontinuity-preserving regularisers [3] and high accuracy methods with warping [4]. An overview of multigrid implementations for a variety of variational optic flow prototypes is given in [5].

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A comparison of the quality and the speed of recent multigrid implementations for several optic flow protypes can be found here. For more information we refer to the correponding paper [5].

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