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Keith Price's List of Research Groups
Amsterdam: CWI
Ann Arbor: Digital Image Processing Lab
Barcelona: Computer Vision Center
Berkeley: Large Scale Data Mining and Pattern Recognition
Berlin: Differential Equations / Mathematical Physics
Bonn: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group
Bonn: Institute for Applied Mathematics
Bonn: Institute for Numerical Simulation
Braunschweig: Group of Thomas Sonar
Budapest: Computer and Automation Institute
Cachan: CMLA
Cologne: Group of Bernhard Kawohl
Copenhagen: Image Group
Delft: Pattern Recognition Group
Eindhoven: Biomedical Image Analysis Group
Ghent: Image Processing and Interpretation Research Group
Graz: Optimal Control and Inverse Problems Group
Groningen: High Performance Computing and Imaging Group
Haifa: Computer Science
Haifa: Electrical Engineering
Hamburg: Cognitive Systems Group
Hamburg: Applied Mathematics
Heidelberg: Image Processing Group, IWR
Innsbruck: Infmath Imaging
Jena: Digital Image Processing Group
Kaiserslautern: Computer Graphics Group
Kaiserslautern: Technomathematics Group
Karlsruhe: Image Analysis Group
Kiel: Cognitive Systems Group
Leipzig: Image and Signal Processing Group
Leuven: Machine Intelligence and Imaging Group
Linköping: Computer Vision Laboratory
Ljubljana: Computer Vision Laboratory
Los Angeles: Computational and Applied Mathematics
(Image Processing Reports)
Lübeck: Institute of Mathematics
Lübeck: Institute for Signal Processing
Lund: Mathematical Imaging Group
Mannheim: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Mannheim: Computer Vision, Graphics and Pattern Recognition Group
Minnesota: IMA
Neuherberg: GSF, Institute for Biomathematics and Biometry
Otago: Computer Vision
Paris: Centre of Mathematical Morphology
Pasadena: CALTEC Multi-Resolution Modeling Group
Pasadena: CALTEC Vision Group
Pisa: CVGMT Group
Prague: Center for Machine Perception
Providence: LEMS Vision Group, Brown University
Sophia-Antipolis: INRIA-ARIANA
Sophia-Antipolis: INRIA-EPIDAURE
Sophia-Antipolis: INRIA-ODYSSEE
Stockholm: CVAP
Ulm: Neuroinformatik
Utrecht: Image Sciences Institute
Virginia Image and Video Analysis
Yonsei: Super Resolution Image Processing Lab
Zurich: Image Science Group

MIA Group
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