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Multi-Class (Anisotropic) Electrostatic Halftoning

Multi-Class (Anisotropic)
Electrostatic Halftoning

Christian Schmaltz       Pascal Gwosdek       Joachim Weickert

Mathematical Image Analysis Group,
Saarland University, Campus E1.1, Saarbrücken, Germany
{schmaltz, gwosdek, weickert}

Electrostatic halftoning, a sampling algorithm based on electrostatic principles, is among the leading methods for stippling, dithering, and sampling. However, this approach is only applicable for a single class of dots with a uniform size and colour. In our work, we complement these ideas by advanced features for real-world applications. We propose a versatile framework for colour halftoning, hatching, and multi-class importance sampling with individual weights. Our novel approach is the first method that globally optimises the distribution of different objects in varying sizes relative to multiple given density functions. The quality, versatility, and adaptability of our approach is demonstrated in various experiments.

Welcome to the supplementary material page for our paper Multi-Class (Anisotropic) Electrostatic Halftoning which is published in

Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 31, Issue 6, pages 1924-1935, September 2012.

The definite version of our paper is available at It constitutes a revised version of Technical Report No. 301.

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