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Numerical Algorithms for Visual Computing II

Winter Term 2006/2007

Numerical Algorithms for Visual Computing II

Dr. Michael Breuß

Winter 2006/2007

Lectures (2h) with exercises (1h), winter term 2006/2007

Lectures: Wednesday 11–13 (11 a.m.–1 p.m.), Building E13, Lecture hall 001
Tutorials: Every second Thursday, 18–20, Building E13, Lecture hall 001

There have been two written examinations. They have taken place 14.02. and 14.03., respectively, at the usual lecture time.
For the exams, you can use your script as well as the notes from the tutorials. Please make sure to be in time at the lecture hall.
The results of the second written examination are now available here.

Second part of a course in numerical methods useful in the field of visual computing. NAVC2 covers topics centered around numerical methods for partial differential equations with an emphasis on important aspects for image processing applications.

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Undergraduate knowledge of mathematics. For computer science students, this requirement is met by having completed the Mathematics for Computer Scientists lecture cycle. Participation at NAVC1 is not required, the topics of the two courses in numerical algorithms for visual computing are not related.

Mathematical prerequisites which exceed the basic mathematics courses are provided within the lecture. Previous knowledge is not required.

The course is concerned with numerical methods useful for image analysis (image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition) and synthesis (computer graphics, scientific visualisation, geometric modelling).

Topics include:

  • Aspects of first and second order derivative filters
  • Construction of discretisations of partial differential equations
  • Discussion of stability and accuracy issues meaningful in visual computing
  • Some related special topics

There will be a written examination at the end of the semester.

None specific, diverse books and scripts on numerical mathematics not easily accessible for non-specialists.

Participants of the course can download the assignment sheets here (access is password-protected).

No. Title Released
1 Assignment 1 October 25
2 Assignment 2 November 08
3 Assignment 3 November 23
4 Assignment 4 December 07
5 Assignment 5 December 22
6 Assignment 6 January 18
7 Assignment 7 January 26
8 Assignment 8 February 02

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