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Numerical Algorithms for Visual Computing I

Summer Term 2006

Numerical Algorithms for Visual Computing I

Dr. Michael Breuß

Summer 2006

Lectures (2h) with exercises (1h), summer term 2006

Lectures: Thursday 11–13 (11 a.m.–1 p.m.), Building E13, Lecture hall 001
Tutorials: Thursday 16–18, Building 13, Seminar Room 15

The results of the written examination are now available below.

Course in numerical methods useful in the field of visual computing. Covered are interpolation, approximation and other issues in one and multiple dimensions.

Entrance requirementsContentsAssessments / ExamsReferences

Undergraduate knowledge of mathematics. For computer science students, this requirement is met by having completed the Mathematics for Computer Scientists lecture cycle.

Mathematical prerequisites which exceed the basic mathematics courses are provided within the lecture. Previous knowledge is not required.

The course is concerned with numerical methods useful for image analysis (image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition) and synthesis (computer graphics, scientific visualisation, geometric modelling).

Topics include:

  • interpolation (splines, radial basis functions, scattered data approximation)
  • approximation (least squares, total least squares, pseudoinverse, Karhunen-Loeve)
  • orthogonal transformations (FFT, wavelets)
  • eigenvalue problems (Jacobi method, power method, Gerschgorin)
  • discrete optimisation (graph cuts)

The written examination is taking place at July 20, from 4 pm to 6 pm. The location is Lecture Hall 2, Building E13.

Please take into account the following information:
The only things you need to bring by are writing things. Do not bring along blank paper or a pocket calculator. You are allowed to use one (!) DIN A4 sheet of paper with handwritten (!) notes (twosided). You need your student identity card. Please make sure that you are at Lecture Hall 2 at 4pm s.t. (not c.t.).

Participants of the course can download the result of the written examination here (access password-protected). Please contact me by email in case of any questions, or come to my office.

Diverse books and scripts on numerical mathematics.

Participants of the course can download the assignment sheets here (access password-protected):

No. Title Date
1 Assignment 1 April 27
2 Assignment 2 May 11
3 Assignment 3 June 8
3 Assignment 4 June 29
3 Assignment 5 July 7

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