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Freehand HDR Imaging of Moving Scenes
with Simultaneous Resolution Enhancement


Henning Zimmer1       Andrés Bruhn2       Joachim Weickert1

1Mathematical Image Analysis Group,
Saarland University, Campus E1.1, Saarbrücken, Germany
{zimmer, weickert}

2Vision and Image Processing Group,
Saarland University, Campus E 1.1, Saarbrücken, Germany

Left: Four images of an exposure series (8 images, 268×178 px., exposures from 1/200 to 1/8 s). Right: Our result after alignment plus joint dynamic range and resolution enhancement.

Despite their high popularity, common high dynamic range (HDR) methods are still limited in their practical applicability: They assume that the input images are perfectly aligned, which is often violated in practise. Our paper does not only free the user from this unrealistic limitation, but even turns the missing alignment into an advantage: By exploiting the multiple exposures, we can create a super-resolution image. The alignment step is performed by a modern energy-based optic flow approach that takes into account the varying exposure conditions. Moreover, it produces dense displacement fields with subpixel precision. As a consequence, our approach can handle arbitrary complex motion patterns, caused by severe camera shake and moving objects. Additionally, it benefits from several advantages over existing strategies: (i) It is robust under outliers (noise, occlusions, saturation problems) and allows for sharp discontinuities in the displacement field. (ii) The alignment step neither requires camera calibration nor knowledge of the exposure times. (iii) It can be efficiently implemented on CPU and GPU architectures. After the alignment is performed, we use the obtained subpixel accurate displacement fields as input for an energy-based, joint super-resolution and HDR (SR-HDR) approach. It introduces robust data terms and anisotropic smoothness terms in the SR-HDR literature. Our experiments with challenging real world data demonstrate that these novelties are pivotal for the favourable performance of our approach.

Welcome to the supplementary material page for our paper Freehand HDR Imaging of Moving Scenes with Simultaneous Resolution Enhancement which has been presented at EUROGRAPHICS 2011 (Llandudno, Wales, UK, April 11-15, 2011).

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