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Natalia Slesareva

Former Ph.D. Student

Position: Former Ph.D. Student

  • Optic Flow
  • Stereo

  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T-PAMI)
  • European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)

Articles in Conference Proceedings

  1. N.Slesareva, T.Bühler, K.Hagenburg, J.Weickert, A.Bruhn, Z.Karni and H.-P.Seidel
    Robust Variational Reconstruction from Multiple Views.
    In Image Analysis, Proc. 15th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis
    SCIA 2007, Aalborg, Denmark, June 2007
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin, accepted for publication.

  2. N.Slesareva, A.Bruhn, and J.Weickert
    Optic Flow Goes Stereo: A Variational Method for Estimating Discontinuity-Preserving Dense Disparity Maps
    In Pattern Recognition, Proc. 27th DAGM Symposium
    DAGM 2005, Vienna, Austria, September 2005 - W.Kropatsch, R.Sablatnig, A.Hanbury (Eds.)
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.3663, Springer, Berlin, 33-40.
    Awarded a prize of the German Pattern Recognition Society (DAGM)


  • N. Slesareva
    Dense Disparity Map Esitmation: A Novel Approach Based on High Accuracy Optic Flow Computation
    Master Thesis, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Saarland Universiy, June 2005


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