Recent Advances in Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Winter Term 2006/07

Recent Advances in Image Analysis and Computer Vision

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weickert, Dr. Martin Welk


Winter Term 2006/07

Seminar (2h)

Notice for bachelor/master students of mathematics: This is a »Hauptseminar« in the sense of these study programs.

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First meeting: Friday, July 21, 2006, 16:15h (4:15 p.m.), Bld. E11, room 306

Sign-up deadline: Thursday, July 20, 2006 (elapsed).
No free capacity is left in this seminar.

Regular meetings during winter term 2006/07:
Wednesdays, 16:15h (4:15 p.m.), Bld. E11, room 306, starting October 25, 2006

Please direct all organisatorial requests to Martin Welk.

Contents: In this seminar, we will discuss a selection of research papers from the last few years in the area of mathematical image analysis and computer vision. The selected papers have in common that they introduce innovative ideas and unconventional viewpoints into the description and processing of image data. We expect that these approaches will be found in the centre of research in mathematical image analysis during the years to come.

The variety of topics includes but is not limited to

  • non-local image filtering methods for texture reconstruction, image denoising and image editing,

  • connections between partial differential equations and wavelet-based image filters,

  • modelling approaches for the integration of sensing and processing,

  • a recent extension to sampling theory,

  • novel numerical schemes for differential equations with applications in image processing.

Prerequisites: The seminar is designed for graduate students (i.e. advanced Bachelor, Master, and post-Vordiplom) of computer science or mathematics. As mathematical prerequisites, completed MfI courses or equivalent are necessary. Previous knowledge in image analysis methods is recommendable.

Language: Understanding scientific text in English is indispensable. Talks and write-up can be in English or German.

Sign-up: closed. The deadline was July 20, 2006. No free capacity is left.

Sessions: First meeting takes place Friday, July 21, 2006, 16:15h (4:15 p.m.), Bld. E11, room 306.
Regular sessions will be during the winter term on Wednesdays, 16:15h (4:15 p.m.), Bld. E11, room 306.
Participants who are hindered to attend a meeting for substantial reasons should notify M. Welk in advance by e-mail.

Regular attendance: It is expected that you attend all seminar meetings, except for provable important reasons (we check).

Talk: Talk duration is 30 min, plus 15 min for discussion. Please do not deviate significantly from this time schedule.
You may give a presentation using a data projector (»beamer«), overhead projector or blackboard, or mix these media appropriately. English is preferred as language of presentation; if you should decide to talk in German anyway, you must use slides in English.

Write-up: The write-up has to be handed in till the end of the lecture period. It should summarise your talk, so some 5+ pages per speaker will be adequate in most cases.
Electronic submission is preferred. File format for electronic submissions is PDF – text processor files (like .doc) are not acceptable. We recommend using LaTeX.
Adhere to the standards of scientific referencing: Quotations and copied material (such as images) must be clearly marked as such, and a bibliography is required.

Mandatory consultation: Talk preparation has to be presented to seminar supervisor not later than in the week before the talk is given. It's your responsibility to approach us timely and make your appointment!

No. Topic Presented by Date      
1 G. Winkler et al.: Noise reduction in images: some recent edge-preserving methods Henning Zimmer Oct. 25
2 P. Mrázek, J. Weickert, G. Steidl: Diffusion-inspired shrinkage functions and stability results for wavelet denoising Nathalie Hochscheid Oct. 25
3 I. Pollak, A. Willsky, H. Krim: Image segmentation and edge enhancement with stabilized inverse diffusion equations Sebastiano Barbieri Nov. 8
4 M. Welk, J. Weickert, G. Steidl: A four-pixel scheme for singular differential equations Sergii Kosov Nov. 8
6 M. Unser: Splines – a perfect fit for signal and image processing Julia Wolf Nov. 15
7 F. Guichard, J.-M. Morel: Geometric partial differential equations and iterative filtering Mohamed Abdel Maksoud Nov. 22
8 P. Mrázek, J. Weickert, A. Bruhn: On robust estimation and smoothing with spatial and tonal kernels Agustín Salgado Nov. 22
21 B. van Ginneken, B. ter Haar Romeny: Applications of locally orderless images Evgeniy Kriukov Nov. 29
9 A. Buades, B. Coll, J.-M. Morel: A non-local algorithm for image denoising Andreas Steinel Nov. 29
10 A. Efros, T. Leung: Texture synthesis by non-parametric sampling Yan Wang Dec. 6
12 J. Yedidia, W. Freeman, Y. Weiss: Understanding belief propagation and its generalizations Dong Han Dec. 6
11 P. Felzenszwalb, D. Huttenlocher: Efficient belief propagation for early vision (also as ppt file) Gaurav Pandey Dec. 6
13 Y. Boykov, O. Veksler, R. Zabih: Fast approximate energy minimization via graph cuts (also as ppt file) Aleksandar Avramov Dec. 13
14 S. Sinha: Graph cut algorithms in vision, graphics and machine learning – an integrative paper
(also as ppt file)
Yana Mileva Dec. 13
5 E. Haber, L. Tenorio: Learning regularization functionals – a supervised training approach Luis Pizarro Dec. 20
23 T. Nir, R. Kimmel, A. Bruckstein: Variational approach for joint optic-flow computation and video restoration Oliver Demetz Jan. 17
15 P. Pérez, M. Gangnet, A. Blake: Poisson image editing Achim Schwender Jan. 17
16 G. Sapiro: Inpainting the colors Sergey Pushkarev Jan. 17
18 T. Georgiev: Covariant derivatives and vision Kai-Uwe Hagenburg Jan. 24
20 R. Fattal, D. Lischinski, M. Werman: Gradient domain high dynamic range compression Dmitry Karnauhov Jan. 24
22 P. Monasse, F. Guichard: Fast computation of a contrast-invariant image representation Tobias Becker Jan. 31
17 Y. Schechner, N. Karpel: Clear underwater vision Thomas Joachim Jan. 31

Martin Welk / July 14, 2006–March 20, 2007

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