Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Summer Term 2014

Bachelor-/Master-/Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weickert

Fr., 16:15-17:00 und n.V., Geb. E1 7, Raum 4.10

Aktuelle Themen aus Bildverarbeitung und Computer Vision werden von Absolventen, Mitgliedern und Gästen der Arbeitsgruppe besprochen. Studierende aus Mathematik, Informatik und Visual Computing, die sich einen Einblick in aktuelle Forschungsthemen der Arbeitsgruppe verschaffen wollen, sind jederzeit willkommen.

Vorträge im Sommersemester 2014

Datum Uhrzeit Vortragende/r Vortragstitel
24.04 10:15 Marcelo Cardenas A priori estimate for nonlinear fourth order Schrödinger type equations
09.05 16:15 Martin Schmidt Drift-Diffusion Equations in Image Processing
22.05 10:15 Sebastian Krumscheid Convergent Inference for Coarse-Grained Models from Multiscale Data
23.05 16:15 Stephanie Jennewein Interpretation of Nonlinear Methods in Image Processing Employing their Filter Echos
23.05 17:15 Alexander Scheer Entropy Coding for R-EED
06.06 16:15 Markus Schwinn Estimation of Geometrical Set-Up for Computed Laminography 3D-Reconstruction
06.06 17:00 Niu Jing An EED based Approach For Hiding a High Resolution Image in a Low Resolution Image
27.06 16:15 Christopher Schroers Variational Taxonomy for Surface Reconstruction from Oriented Points
03.07 14:15 Özgün Çiçek Efficient Computation and Representation of the Diffusion Echo
03.07 16:15 Ali Hatirnaz Ridge and Valley Detection on Digital Images
04.07 16:15 Sarah Schäffer Analysis and Modification of an Image Processing Algorithm Based on Smooth Patch Orderings
10.07. 16:00 Chris Baumann A Helmholtz-like Decomposition for Discrete Osmosis and Markov Chains
18.07. 15:15 Hosna Sattar Integration of Direct and Gradient based methods for Focus Fusion
21.08. 16:15 Nico Persch Introducing more Physics into Variational Depth-from-Defocus
22.08. 16:15 Frank Nedwed A probabilistic approach to image compression using subdivisions
22.08. 17:00 Maike Eißfeller Iris Detection for Medical Applications - Using Hough Transform
29.08. 16:15 Merlin Lang Gradient Domain and Osmosis Methods for Polygons
12.09. 16:15 Yupu Bao A New Model for Shape from Shading
26.09. 16:15 Lena Karos Understanding and Optimizing Exemplar-Based Inpainting of Sparsely Sampled Images

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