Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Summer Term 2013

Bachelor-/Master-/Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weickert

Fr., 16:30-17:15 und n.V., Geb. E1 7, Raum 4.10

Aktuelle Themen aus Bildverarbeitung und Computer Vision werden von Absolventen, Mitgliedern und Gästen der Arbeitsgruppe besprochen. Studierende aus Mathematik, Informatik und Visual Computing, die sich einen Einblick in aktuelle Forschungsthemen der Arbeitsgruppe verschaffen wollen, sind jederzeit willkommen.

Vorträge im Sommersemester 2013

Datum Uhrzeit Vortragende/r Vortragstitel
05.04 16:15 Julian Steil Shape Coding with Nonapoles
05.04 17:00 Ahed Alahmar Recursive PDE-Based Compression of High-Dimensional Data Sets
18.04 16:15 Prof. Joachim Weickert Theory and Applications of Linear Drift-Diffusion Models in Visual Computing
19.04 16:30 Jan Contelly Gradient Domain Tone Mapping
19.04 17:15 Christian Schmaltz Multi-Class Anisotropic Electrostatic Halftoning
23.04 16:15 Mirjam Neu-Weigand Using Object Detection and Stereo Vision to Automatically Reconnect Trolleybuses
03.05 16:30 Lilli Kaufhold Variational Methods for the Colourisation of Greyscale Images
03.05 17:15 Constantin Berhard An Experimental Approach to PCA based Video Synthesis
10.05 16:30 Markus Schneider Image Compression based on levelsets and homogeneous diffusion
17.05 16:30 Laurent Hoeltgen Continuous Spatial and Tonal Point Optimisation for Interpolation and Approximation of Convex Signals with Homogeneous Diffusion
17.05 17:15 Max Reznitskii Stereo Vision under Adverse Conditions
24.05 16:30 David Hafner Why Is the Census Transform Good for Robust Optic Flow Computation?
31.05 16:30 Andreas Luxenburger Video Denoising with Optic Flow-driven Anisotropic Diffusion
10.06 16:15 Mauro Maiorca Improving the quality of electron tomography image volumes by processing pre-reconstruction data
19.07 16:30 Timm Schneevoigt Camera Motion Estimation Based on Optic Flow
26.07 16:30 Simon Heinzel Osmosis in Image Compression
02.08 16:15 Oliver Demetz The Complete Rank Transform: A Tool for Accurate and Morphologically Invariant Matching of Structures
06.08 16:00 Laurent Hoeltgen An Optimal Control Approach to Find Sparse Data for Laplace Interpolation
09.08 16:15 Madina Boshtayeva Focus fusion with anisotropic depth map smoothing
16.08 16:15 Max Reznitskii Stereo Vision under Adverse Conditions
16.08 17:00 Jan Contelly Gradient Domain Tone Mapping
(Small version)
23.08 16:15 Markus Schneider Image Compression with Homogeneous Diffusion Inpainting on Level Lines

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