Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Summer Term 2008

Oberseminar Mathematische Bildanalyse

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weickert

Fr., 15:30-17:00 und n.V., Geb. E1 1, Raum 3.06

Aktuelle Themen aus Bildverarbeitung und Computer Vision werden von Absolventen, Mitgliedern und Gästen der Arbeitsgruppe besprochen. Studierende aus Mathematik und Informatik, die sich einen Einblick in aktuelle Forschungsthemen der Arbeitsgruppe verschaffen wollen, sind jederzeit willkommen.

Vorträge im Sommersemester 2008

Datum Uhrzeit Vortragende/r Vortragstitel
17.04. 14:15 Sebastiano Barbieri A Variational Approach to the Registration of Tensor-Valued Images
09.05. 16:15 Jörg Knappen Optic Acceleration
16.05. 16:15 Jan Hendrik Dithmar Audio Denoising Using Image Processing Methods
30.05. 16:15 Kai Hagenburg Non-Linear Osmosis in Image Processing
30.05. 17:00 Pascal Gwosdek Real-Time Optical Flow Algorithms on the Cell Processor
06.06. 16:15 Oliver Vogel Perspective Shape from Shading with Non-Lambertian Reflectance
11.06. 14:15 Laurent Demaret Contextual Image Compression Based on Adaptive Delaunay Triangulation
13.06. 16:15 Christian Schmaltz Dealing with Self-occlusion in Region Based Motion Capture by Means of Internal Regions
20.06. 16:15 Felix Retter Fast Solvers for Linear Systems in Image Compression
20.06. 17:00 Andrés Bruhn Is Dense Optical Flow Useful to Estimate the Fundamental Matrix?
04.07. 16:15 Bruno Ranieri Inpainting a Single Image Using Optical Flow
04.07. 17:00 Christian Schmaltz Handling Occlusions in Region Based Pose Tracking by Increasing the Number of Regions
11.07. 16:00 Christoph Metzner Extending the LCIS Method to Tensor-Valued Data
11.07. 16:45 Andrés Bruhn Deinterlacing with Motion-Compensated Anisotropic Diffusion
16.07. 14:15 Adrian Barbu Training an Active Random Field for Real-Time Image Denoising
17.07. 10:15 Mila Nikolova Qualitative Features of the Minimizers of Energies and Implications on Modelling
23.07. 16:15 Pavel Mrázek Fingerprint Analysis
28.07. 16:00 Hanno Ackermann 3D-Reconstruction of N-Image Sequences using Subspace Methods
04.08. 15:00 Sebastian Zimmer A Rotationally Invariant Block Matching Strategy Improving Image Denoising with Non-Local Means
25.08. 16:15 Markus Osthof Deep Focus Fusion with the Structure Tensor
29.08. 16:15 Sabrina Blümling Watershed Transformation on Modified Gradient Data
18.09. 15:30 Patrick Koberski Graph-Cuts vs. Variational Methods
18.09. 16:15 Sven Grewenig Extrapolation Methods for Nonlinear Diffusion Problems
22.09. 14:00 Michael Breuss Numerik und Anwendungen hyperbolischer Differentialgleichungen
26.09. 16:15 Pascal Gwosdek High Performance Parallel Optic Flow Algorithms on the Sony Playstation 3
26.09. 17:00 Henning Zimmer PDE-Based Anisotropic Disparity-Driven Stereo Vision
30.09. 14:15 Verena Marold Closed-Form Solutions for Computer-Generated Finite Difference Approximations

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