Emerging Methods for Image Compression

Summer Term 2010

Seminar: Emerging Methods for Image Compression

Markus Mainberger, Christian Schmaltz, PD Dr. Michael Breuß

Summer Term 2010

Seminar (2h)

Notice for bachelor/master students of mathematics: This is a »Hauptseminar« in the sense of these study programs.

NEWS: The grades of the seminar are now online.
The certificates are ready and can be fetched in room 111, building E2.4 (Geschaeftszimmer Mathematik, Frau Voss, opening hours for certificates: Mon-Thu 9.00-11.30 am).

Important DatesDescription RequirementsOverview of Topics

No free capacity is left in this seminar.
Sign-up deadline was Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

Regular meetings during summer term 2010:
Tuesdays, 16:15h , Bld. E1.1, room 306

Date of first regular meeting: Tuesday, April 27.

Date of write-up submission: one week after last regular meeting, i.e. Tuesday, July 6.

Please direct all organisatorial requests to Markus Mainberger and Christian Schmaltz

Contents: This seminar will deal with methods that have emerged in image compression during the last years. We will mainly consider methods based on edges, subdivision schemes, diffusion, inpainting, and texture inpainting.

Prerequisites: The seminar is designed for graduate students (i.e. advanced Bachelor, Master, and post-Vordiplom) of visual computing, computer science or mathematics. Knowledge in mathematics (e.g. MFI), image analysis and computer vision (e.g. IPCV) is recommended.

Language: Understanding scientific text in English is indispensable. Talks and write-up can be in English or German. Slides should be in English.

Regular attendance: It is expected that you attend all seminar meetings, except for provable important reasons (we check).

Talk: Talk duration is 30 min, plus 15 min for discussion. Please do not deviate significantly from this time schedule.
You may give a presentation using a data projector (»beamer«), overhead projector or blackboard, or mix these media appropriately. English is preferred as language of presentation; if you should decide to talk in German anyway, you should use English slides.

Write-up: The write-up has to be handed in till July 6, 2010. The write-up should summarise your talk, so about 5 pages per speaker will be adequate in most cases. Electronic submission is preferred. File format for electronic submissions is PDF – text processor files (like .doc) are not acceptable. We recommend using LaTeX. Adhere to the standards of scientific referencing: Quotations and copied material (such as images) must be clearly marked as such, and a bibliography is required.

Mandatory consultation: Talk preparation has to be presented to your seminar supervisor not later than in the week before the talk is given. It's your responsibility to approach us timely and make your appointment!

After the first meeting you will find here an overview of all topics and the date they will be presented.

Please note that the presentation dates are preliminary and subject to change.

No. Paper - Student Date      
1 D2 - Binod Bhattarai (slides)
K2 - Vijay Ingalalli (slides)
April 27
2 K1 - Ebad Pirmoradian (slides)
K3 - Andreas Bock (slides)
May 4
3 K4 - Kevin Baum (slides)
K5 - Qinqing Zheng (slides)
May 11
4 K6 - Sebastian Hoffmann (slides)
K7 - Rajiv Lund (slides)
May 18
5 S1 - Benjamin Schug (slides)
S2 - Ahed Alahmar (slides)
May 25
6 S3 - Christopher Haccius (slides) June 1
7 D3 - Gholamreza Bahmanyar (slides)
D4 - Ashutosh Modi (slides)
June 8
8 T1 - Victor Matvienko (slides) June 15
9 T2 - Juhi Kulshrestha (slides)
T3 - Dragana Majstorovic (slides)
D5 - Mohammad Reza Yousefi
June 22
10 T5 - Tobias Del Fabro (slides)
T4 - Marc Aurel Kiefer (slides)
June 29

K1 R. Hummel and R. Moniot
Reconstructions from Zero Crossings in Scale Space (pdf)
K2 T. Acar and M. Gökmen
Image coding using weak membrane model of images (pdf)
K3 V. Aurich and U. Daub
Bilddatenkompression mit geplanten Verlusten und hoher Rate (pdf)
K4 U. Desai et al.
Edge and Mean Based Image Compression (pdf)
K5 J. Elder
Are Edges Incomplete? (pdf)
K6 S. Carlsson
Sketch Based Representation of Grey Value and Motion Information
K7 M. Mainberger and J. Weickert
Edge-Based Image Compression with Homogeneous Diffusion (pdf)
S1 R. Distasi et al.
Image Compression by B-Tree Triangular Coding (pdf)
S2 L. Demaret et al.
Image Compression by Linear Splines over Adaptive Triangulations (pdf)
S3 S. Bougleux et al.
Image Compression with Anisotropic Geodesic Triangulations (pdf)
D2 J. Weickert and M. Welk
Tensor Field Interpolation with PDEs (pdf)
D3 E. Bae and J. Weickert
Partial Differential Equations for Interpolation and Compression of Surfaces (pdf)
D4 I. Galić et al.
Image Compression with Anisotropic Diffusion (pdf)
D5 C. Schmaltz et al.
Advances in Image Compression with Anisotropic Diffusion (pdf)
T1 A. Efros and T. Leung
Texture Synthesis by Non-parametric Sampling (pdf)
T2 S. Rane et al.
Struture and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compression Applications (pdf)
T3 C. Wang et al.
Image Compression with Structure-Aware Inpainting (pdf)
X. Sun et al.
Compression with Vision Technologies (pdf)
T4 G. Facciolo et al.
Exemplar-Based Interpolation of Sparsely Sampled Images (pdf)
T5 P. Arias et al.
A Variational Framework for Non-local Image Inpainting (pdf)

Markus Mainberger, Christian Schmaltz / January 17, 2011

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