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Probabilistic Methods in Image Processing

Lecture, winter term 2004/2005

Dr. Bernhard Burgeth (Bld. 27.1, room 409, phone 0681-302-64382,

Probabilistic techniques are employed quite successfully in the processing and analysis of images, however, they also play a vital role in pattern classification, data mining and learning theory.

In this course we will discuss

The lectures are suited for students of mathematics and computer science. Undergraduate level knowledge of mathematics is required. The necessary knowledge from image processing and statistics/probability theory will be provided during classes.

Time: Wednesday 11:00–13:00 (11 a.m. –1 p.m.)
Location: Bld. 45, Lecture hall 003


The slides are available for participants of the classes. (access is password-protected):
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Elements of Probability Theory I
Section 3 Elements of Probability Theory II
Section 4 Elements of Probability Theory III
Section 5 Elements of Probability Theory IV
Section 6 Elements of Probability Theory V
Section 7 Histogram Based Operations on Images I
Section 8 Histogram Based Operations on Images II
Section 9 Histogram Based Operations on Images III
Section 10 Registration by Maximisation of Mutual Information
Section 11 Estimation in Statistics: Parzen and ML
Section 12 PCA, POD, KLT via SVD

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