Saarland University | Mathematical Image Analysis Group
Wintersemester 2005 / 2006

Seminar on

Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields

Dr. Bernhard Burgeth, Prof. Joachim Weickert

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Matrix-valued data sets (so-called tensor fields) have gained significant importance in the fields of scientific visualization and image processing. This has been triggered by the following developments: In spring 2004 a workshop has taken place at Schloss Dagstuhl where leading experts have adressed problems of visualisation, processing and interpretation of matrix fields.
The Seminar is based on the book resulting from this meeting.


The Seminar is intended for both mathematicians and computer scientists.

Preliminary Schedule

A .pdf-file containing a preliminary schedule can be found here !

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Written Summary:

The deadline for the submission of the written summary is Wednesday, February 1st , 2006.

The summary for one talk should not exceed three pages in length.

Accepted file formats are .ps or .pdf.

The file has to be sent as an attachement to Bernhard Burgeth using the following subject line: tensor_chapXX_familyname

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